Friday, November 26, 2010

Corrupted vs. Technomage and Golem

I went ahead and tried to move the Technomage away and make her a bit more in line size-wise with the skinned pieces of human flesh on the Corrupted to see how this "feels." (also, more in line with the original art/scale that was on the DW page)I also wasn't feeling like the Corrupted was quite as dynamic as I wanted so I looked up some photos of hawks getting ready to strike and I tried to pull in some of that wing-pose to it. Obviously this killed the detail on him, but that stuff is easy to add back in later once I'm happy(ier) with the composition. Definitely the "wing" membranes look a bit draconic now without bodies stretched out over 'im.

That said: here is some really, really basic blocking. I'm thinking the clouds will be menacing up above and there will be buildings and rubble all around.

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