Thursday, November 25, 2010

Corrupted vs. Technomage (Golem)

For me, the primary reason I'm participating in Dominance War is to improve my art and push and challenge myself. Along that line: rather than having two figures stand around and look pretty (which is a personal crutch of mine), I decided I would try to have them physically fighting and struggling.

Once I get the figures a bit more "set," I will put them amid a background. My original idea was to exaggerate the scale so that the Corrupted (figure on the left) is SO large that the TechnoMage has to summon/use a golem in order to fight. The Technomage is actually supposed to be the list spot on the golem's back, but I think I will be enlarging her a bit.

The Corrupted has sharp objects danging from chains on his "body" and used them to anchor him in battle as well as to impale it's enemy. Here, I tried to show the golem defending itself, with it's own techno-tentacles holding the Corrupted's misshapen, bladed "arm" at bay, to keep it from being able to make a fatal, final strike.

Again: it's light on fun details (there is also no lighting) at the moment since I'm trying to work on the poses. Critique encouraged, oh please!


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