Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Technomage + Corrupted Thumbnails

I'm still rolling some ideas around in my head on the Technomage's Golemn... "Thing." While I like the idea of the wire/tentacles, I'm not sure it's something I'll stick with. These are just some quick thumbnails. Nothing fancy just yet.

Here's my first pass at a concept for the "Corrupted." I'm not worrying about poses or composition at this point, just fun stuff like having living human flesh/bodies forming the membranes of this fella's wings.


  1. Nice stuff! I really like the bottom right thumbnail. It's lurching and looks menacing.

    Having scale difference is a cool. Considering that the pre-challenge is a pretend MMO character project, though, the scales of the characters may need to be a little closer. Unless you want to make all your characters very large, which is actually a neat idea, come to think of it. No MMO's I know of have done that just yet.

  2. Looking good! I like the one in the top right corner mainly due to the neck. It would be interesting to see that creature with varying thick and thin tentacles. Are you going to have the T.M. look similar to the golem?

    Also good start for the corrupted, I'm liking the winged decaying demon look here. Would be great to see you continue to play with this general design if you are going to add more faces/body parts to make it feel more vile.

  3. Grace: Yeah, the thought I was having (which may or may not work well), was that the big "evil" dudes like the Corrupted are really large, so that in order to combat it, the Technomage uses their golem.... "thing." I still need to figure out how "extreme" the scale is, though. ;)

    Mbut: Thanks! I am going to try to make the TM and her golem-thing look a bit different from the Corrupted. More steampunk/tech/magic rune stuff, whereas the corrupted is more dead bodies, body-parts, and assorted pieces of debris and sharp metal. That's the plan anyway. I've done a few more rough doodles (not seen here since I don't have a scanner handy atm), so probably next go I'll try to set up a scene with the three of them and then start trying to refine them a bit.